Community Care

Community Care Program

From time to time, members within our school and parish community need help, whether it be to provide a meal for a family whose child is in hospital or to assist with day-to-day chores in times of need. For the last year, we have been operating a community care program where volunteers have very kindly offered a helping hand to parishioners and school families in need. Since we have new families joining our community and people’s circumstances change, we need to update this list. Even if you were on our list from last year, we ask that you please register your commitment again for this year.


As we are joined by one parish, St Dominic’s School and Our Lady of Good Counsel School are both running this program; however, we will each be operating from two different registers of volunteers and offering support to individuals within the school and church community we work with.


Our community care program works in the following manner: when a family advises the school or when a parishioner advises the parish priest that they are experiencing some type of difficulty or crisis, they will be contacted by a member of the school leadership team and asked if they have sufficient support or if they require assistance. If the family or individual expresses the need for support, the school leadership team member will ascertain what kind of help is required. They will then contact people on the register to provide assistance.


Requests for help will be treated with confidentiality and respect.  We will work within the guidelines of the Catholic Education Western Australian and Privacy Legislation.

Volunteers are asked to provide only whatever support they can realistically give.  This is not intended to be a time-consuming commitment but rather a ‘rally round’ to help community members in emergency situations.


Please email the information listed to below and return it to the school office (school families) or place in the box located at the back of the church (parishioners).


I would like to join the Community Care Program     


Name  ________________

Address _______________

Phone No ______   Mobile _______


Our family can assist in the following way(s): (please tick)

Supplying a meal                   Home visit

Washing/ ironing                    Transport

Gardening                               Cleaning

Grocery shopping                  Handyman


Please mention any other support you can offer__________________