Our Lady of Good Counsel Feast Day

On Friday we will celebrate Our Lady of Good Counsel Feast day.  In 1467, in a small Italian town, a picture of Mary holding baby Jesus appeared on a wall of a partly restored church. The Church was called Our Lady of Good Counsel.  After the painting appeared on the wall, many miracles occurred in the Italian town and it became an important place for people to visit.


Western Australians have a special connection with Our Lady of Good Counsel. Saint Vincent Pallotti gave Dom Salvado and Dom Serra a picture of Our Lady in 1845. It saved the monks’ crop from fire, when they stood it against the corn that was about to be burned. The wind changed and the crop was saved. The Blessed Virgin is watching over us in the West. She is our Mother, wherever we go.  


The children will celebrate the day completing activities that celebrate the qualities of Our Lady of Good Counsel.  Thank you to the Parents and Friends Committee for organising and preparing a sausage sizzle for the children as a part of this celebration. At 2.30pm we will all go to the church for a brief prayer and some children to share what they did during the day where parents and friends are welcome to to attend.