Request for Student Extended Leave During Term Time

As stated in the School Education Act (1999,) it is expected all students should attend school for each day that it is open for instruction unless unwell and/or physically incapable of attending. The Act also states parents need to obtain permission from the principal for their child/children to have a leave of absence from school for an extended holiday or for any other reason other than health related.


Parents are asked to please use this form to request an absence for your child/children. This form should be submitted for approval at least one month prior to the requested departure from school (except in extenuating circumstances).


While families are not encouraged to take time off during school time this is sometimes unavoidable. There are no expectations for teachers to provide a program of work for students while on holiday during term time. Students are encouraged to read daily and keep a diary of their holiday adventures. 


It is important to consider the implications when organising extended holidays out of school time:

  • Basic building blocks of learning that happen every single day of the school year.
  • If important assessments are missed then some areas of the School Report may be incomplete.
  • Extended leave can cause implications for selection for sports days, NAPLAN, assemblies, sacramental programs etc.